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        2000 Series
      2000 fan and pump universal machine
      2000C mini type
        3100 Series
      Special frequency converter for machine tool
      Special frequency converter for water supply
      Special frequency converter for centrifuge
        3300 open/close loop Series
      Special frequency converter for air compressor
      Special frequency converter for freight elevator
      Special frequency converter for veneer peeling
      Special frequency converter for peeling machine
      Special frequency converter for carving machine
        W510 open/close loop Series
      Machine tool spindle directional frequency converter
        Quick door Series
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      ¡¡¡¡Haiyan Lixiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is located in Haiyan city. It is a professional frequency converter manufacturer engaged in R&amp;D, production and sales.

      ¡¡¡¡Lixiang has the principles and concept of ¡°technology innovation, pursuit of excellence, people - centered, science and technology enterprise¡±, and ¡°creating values for customers¡± is its business purpose. We commit to innovate and research for special machine, and improve the frequency inverters according to customers¡¯ needs. It achieves good results. The products are used widely in steel, building materials, textile, printing and machine tool industries, etc.

      ¡¡¡¡The company has multiple sales service networks, and it also has a modern production based with good equipments. We have created the partnerships with our customers. At the same time, the products are exported to overseas.

      ¡¡¡¡We believe Lixiang Electronic Technology will become one of the influential companies in frequency conversion field. And we will be your trustworthy partner!

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