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        Haiyan Lixiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is located in Haiyan city. It is a professional frequency converter manufacturer engaged in R&amp;D, production and sales.
        Lixiang has the principles and concept of ^technology innovation, pursuit of excellence, people - centered, science and technology enterprise ̄, and ^creating values for customers ̄ is its business purpose. We commit to innovate and research for special machine, and improve the frequency inverters according to customers¨ needs. It achieves good results. The products are used widely in steel, building materials, textile, printing and machine tool industries, etc.
        The company has multiple sales service networks, and it also has a modern production based with good equipments. ......
      West side of Provincial Highway 101, Jinxing Village, Wuyuan Street, Haiyan County, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang China
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