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      2000C mini type

      2000 series inverter adopts to V/F control, its feature is economical and simple.

      Product Description Product Model Technical Specifications Installation Size Related Data

      2000 series inverter adopts to V/F control, its feature is economical and simple.

      The specifications:
      Input voltage range220V/380V±15
      Output frequency range47-63Hz
      Output voltage range0~Rated input voltage
      Output frequency range: 0-400Hz

      The characteristics of peripheral interface:
      Programmable digital input: Six input
      Programmable analog input: FV: 0-10V input, FI:0-20mA or 4-20mA input
      Open collector output: single output, Dual output
      Relay output: single output, Dual output

      Technical performance characteristics
      Control mode: SPWM
      Overload capacity: 150 rated current 60s; 180 rated current 10s
      Starting torque: 1.0Hz/150
      Carrier frequency: 1.0k-20.0kHz

      Functional characteristics:
      Frequency setting mode: Digital setting, analog setting, serial communication setting, multi segment speed, PID setting and so on

      PID control function:
      Multi speed control function: 8 stage speed control
      PLC function built in VFD: External control of multi speed, internal control of multi speed
      Speed tracking and restart function: Realization of the rotation of the motor without impact smooth starting
      Automatic voltage regulation function:When the power grid voltage changed, the output voltage can be kept constantly
      Provide more than 20 kinds of fault protection function: Over current, over voltage, under voltage, lack of phase, overload protection function

      The Outline Dimension and Installation Size

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